Our operation has many strengths, such as component manufacturing, however we are perhaps best known for our first class welding and fabrication services, two core capabilities that form the backbone of our ever-growing business.

Certified Welding

If you are looking for quality welding of light to heavy-gauge structural steel, stainless steel or aluminium products on virtually any scale – in house or even onsite – you can count on the highly experienced welders.

Regardless of your industry, our firm commitment to quality and ongoing training ensures your absolute peace of mind. We also offer weld testing and best practice Certification, and are skilled in a wide range of qualified welding procedures, including:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • ARC welding

Furthermore, our skilled staff can produce world class welding jigs to ensure accurate reproduction and increase efficiency, which saves you time and money.


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"Nothing precedes the importance of safety"